Mr. Marek Dospiva, founder of criminal organization Penta  Investments, currently Aero Vodochody's parent has been placed in police custody after it has been revealed that he attempted to bribe Prague's Chief District Attorney Lenka  Bradáčová in order to conceal case of grand theft, committed by organized gang of employees at Aero Vodochody.
In  fall 2013 an anonymous reported to police that an organized gang of employees led by Director of manufacturing at Aero Mr. Josef Kadlec is involved in illegal make of parts and assemblies for other companies.

Director of Security, company asshole David Pacola was assigned the case and his task was to find out what is going on. Since Pacola used to work at Czech Police as a provocateur and a man for dirty work he was also acting as a liaison between Aero and police and led them to dead ends. Pacola soon found a large mold for front bumper for one model of Skoda. He ordered this piece of evidence to be destroyed together with paperwork. However, the bank records, showing transfers for material purchases remain. Evidence therefore exists. During furher investigation Pacola found out that one member of the gang Aero employee Mr. Zdeňek Majtán was running machine shop. There, the hot merchandise was given proper paperwork and documents, so it could be sold to clients. At that point Penta and Aero realized that the case reached massive proportions and it must be covered up at all costs. Losses exceeded 100 MM CZK ($ 4 MM) Together with police and district attorney Pacola staged interrogation of 125 employees in order to create smoke screen and make the dossier thick. According to DA, a theory that a criminal gang was active within Aero could not be proven  and the case was closed. However, during the  interrogations one  employee  "confessed"  that he has had a small thing made (that was  staged beforehand) and a separate dossier was opened. This employee was dismissed right after Pacola identified the members of the gang. His name is Jan Janovský, a long time Aero employee working as a manager of CNC milling machines department. He was charged with fraud and his case was on its way to court. Dospiva issued orders to DA, that the case must not make it to the court. DA advised Janovský that he must reimburse Aero (5,000 CZK, $ 200) and the charges will be dropped. So he did and he walks free.

Mr. Majtán was told that next day he will get caught drunk at the workplace and he will be let go. Director Josef Kadlec "resigned" and went to work for Wikov, a company to which he was delivering hot merchandise fpr past ten years.