Dark forces within Czech state wanted to
drive the whistleblower to commit murder.

Mr. Dvorak. an Aero Vodochody employee at the time of submission, reported to District Attorney that an organized gang of employees was involved in illegal manufacturing.
As soon as Aero found this out, the dark forces rushed to unemployment office since they knew that Mr. Dvorak will apply for unemployment benefits within days, because his contract was about to end.

Their objective was to drive Mr. Dvorak to commit murder of the unemployment office clerk. After that, he would be sent to jail for much bigger crime than originally planned. Originally was planned that Mr. Dvorak will be sentenced for crimes he didn't commit. Libel and extortion. The reason for staging a bogus trial was to force him to remove reports of grand theft at Aero Vodochody from YouTube, since YouTube told them that they won't do it unless they will have court verdict stating that the grand theft never took place.

The unemployment office clerk Lenka Letáčková was instructed not to approve Mr. Dvorak's application for benefits although he was fully entitled to collect them. The benefits were not approved three times. Letáčková kept breaking the law, assured by her handlers that she won't be punished. After third appeal the benefits were granted and paid as a lump sum, but 22 months later. In the meantime Letáčková illegally deleted Mr. Dvorak from registry of unemployment office causing him even more hardship, since he was forced to pay health insurance out of his own pocket. The dark forces were hoping that this would drive him to the assault of Letáčková. That didn't happen.

In the last appeal Mr. Dvorak wrote to Letáčková that she is manipulated by a bunch of thugs whose objective is to drive him to her assault. Letáčková reported to police that Mr. Dvorak threatened her with murder. Police kicked her out. So she reported it to local city hall. They charged him with misdemeanor and issued a fine. During the process the dark forces were hoping that Mr. Dvorak will resort to violence against the officials.

Mr. Dvorak reported to District Attorney that Letáčková committed a felony. Abuse of authority of civil servant. DA threw the report to trash bin and said that the approval of  the benefits was a routine process (22 months).