Mr. Petr Brychta, Penta Investments Asset
Protection Manager is in police custody
Mr. Brychta is in police custody and is awaiting indictment.

Mr. Brychta used to work for 15 years at the Ministry of Interior as a detective in Commercial Crime Unit. Penta pulled him in and offered him position as an Asset Protection Manager since he had valuable contacts. Should Penta plan to do something illegal, Mr. Brychta would advise how to proceed and how to destroy evidence. Further, his contacts at the highest floors of the Ministry can steal any dossier and declare it lost.

When Aero Vodochody discovered that VP Josef Kadlec was robbing them blind for 15 years, Penta ordered Brychta to act as a handler of Aero Security Director David Pacola. Mr. Pacola was playing role of a useful idiot. Should the case leak out, Pacola would be branded as a lone criminal, who after having discovered the magnitude of the losses, decided to extort VP Kadlec and the members of his gang. Therefore, Pacola would go to jail with Kadlec. At the same time, following Brychta's instructions he would destroy all evidence.  Brychta suggested to Pacola that he should extort Kadlec and the proceeds would be shared.

Pacola indeed covered up the case and led police to dead ends whilst destroying evidence. Although he knew that the hot merchandise was laundered at one of the gang's member Mr. Zdenek Majtan's company (machine shop) he didn't report it to the police. With Majtan he negotiated a deal. He will not talk and one day he will get caught at the gate entering workplace under the influence and his contract will be terminated.

With Kadlec he negotiated another deal. Mr. Kadlec would resign without giving a reason. Indeed, Mr. Kadlec left the company.